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“We have worked with a few different national service providers for years doing landscape and snow management services in our region. AGMG has hands down been the best one we have worked with. They actually care about us contractors." (Samuel L. Gembel, Green Stewards, Inc.) Read More

AGMG’s Affiliate Partners are Exterior Maintenance Contractors who meet AGMG standards of professionalism to join the company’s large network of approved contractors. AGMG’s Affiliate Partners own their equipment, and they have the resources and labor force currently in place to generate more income.

The benefits of becoming an AGMG Affiliate Partner include:

  • Diversify without the added expense of specialized equipment.
  • Gain access to those contracts that were inaccessible to you before.
  • Obtain increased security by being able to secure multi-year contracts.
  • Reduce your general administrative overhead as AGMG handles all sales, marketing, and paperwork for you as an approved Affiliate Partner.
  • Benefit from the opportunity to network with many other AGMG Affiliate Partners.
  • Increase your profits by adding systems and efficient methods that have been utilized for years.
  • Gain insight from some of the best contractors in the country who are certified in both landscape and snow and ice management. AGMG’s management team provides on-going mentoring to its Affiliate Partners on business, operations and other industry-related areas.

AGMG's philosophy is one of partnership both with its customers—facility and property owners and managers throughout the country—and with its network of approved partners. It’s one reason why AGMG’s Affiliate Partner retention rate of 99% remains so high.

Solution - One Contractor, One Contact

As an AGMG Affiliate Partner, you will have the opportunity to provide superior exterior services to some of the largest companies and larger property management businesses in the country. These organizations and property and facility managers all want to streamline everything and, AGMG offers them a solution, less hassle and a secure relationship.

Through these partnerships, AGMG and its Affiliate Partners can offer a total package to corporations to include landscape maintenance, lot sweeping, power washing, snow plowing and other specialized exterior services. This allows you as an AGMG Affiliate Partner to focus on what you do best and not have to diversify into all other areas of exterior maintenance if you do not wish to.

By being able to offer these demanding services through a network of highly professional and approved contractors, AGMG becomes more valuable to its clients.

Together, we build long-lasting relationships and achieve a higher rate of success for contract retention with our clients in the future.

What AGMG Affiliate Partners Say

  • AGMG is the best we have worked with

    “We have worked with a few different national service providers for years doing landscape and snow management services in our region. AGMG has hands down been the best one we have worked with. The ...

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  • AGMG is truly interested in my company's success

    “I have worked with many national contracting companies over the last 14 years, some of them are the largest in the industry. I haven’t ever worked with a company that is truly interested in my c ...

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  • Professionalism and Industry Knowledge

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  • Takes The Extra Steps

    “I just wanted to take a moment and commend the professionalism that AGMG (Affiliated Grounds Maintenance Group) has displayed toward their customers. They take the extra step to be sure their custo ...

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  • Best National Provider

    "Here's the invoice. You are the best National Provider I have ever worked for! Merry Christmas." Steve Bell, Custom Lawn

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