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How AGMG Serves You

Our mission is to provide you with exceptional exterior maintenance services. We achieve this through our network of professionally trained affiliate partners who are overseen by AGMG’s highly experienced and ethical management team of certified landscape and certified snow management professionals.

National Presence, Regional Care

“We appreciate that AGMG’s regional manager took the time to talk with us and discuss our property.” (Assistant Manager, Travel Agency) Read more

This is just one of hundreds of appreciative comments we receive each year from clients like you. Although AGMG is a company with national presence, we offer property managers and facility owners a regional experience with AGMG’s Territory Account Managers who closely monitor your facilities to ensure quality service.

AGMG’s streamlined one bill process and centralized administrative office in Lake City, Pennsylvania, increases operational efficiencies and communications between our team and yours.

In addition to our headquarters, we maintain regional offices in Jacksonville, Florida and the New England states in order to give you the peace of mind that comes from consistent contact.

AGMG Regional Offices Map