Parking Lot Sweeping

“The crews are doing a great job cleaning the lot, this makes renewing contracts a lot easier. Keep up the good work.” Read more

At AGMG, your facility will receive sweeping services not only at the front of your location, but also at the back and sides. This is because we share your belief that all blacktop is considered parking lot and every area is important to the overall appearance of your facility.

Your parking lot sweeping service includes picking up debris, blowing out your loading docks and around vending machines, blow out of any cracks in your pavement, cleaning up any cigarette debris and emptying of the trash cans on your property.

Services available under this category of AGMG exterior maintenance services include the following (although new services are continually being added and you should contact us for a complete listing of the program):

  • Lot Sweeping
  • Vacuum Truck Sweepers
  • Pressure Washing
  • Day Porter
  • Hand Picking

At AGMG, YOU receive a comprehensive parking lot sweeping service provided by only trained and professional sweepers who are overseen by our highly knowledgeable and experienced management team.