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We have over 20 years specializing in commercial maintenance, providing lot sweeping, landscape maintenance, snowplowing and landscape design/installation

Throughout these years we have developed a significant number of customers from large chain retailers, restaurants, hotels, banks, telecommunications and industrial park markets. Through this diverse selection of customers, we have keyed in on their special needs and wants. With all of this experience it is likely that we also have the tools and the knowledge to meet the particular needs of your company. With our many diverse partnerships we can not only meet your needs but service them all, in all seasons, with one single contract.

Once a budget has been established by your company, we can develop a plan to meet your needs within the budget that will maximize results, giving you the best service for each and every dollar.

  1. Reduce your headaches by having One Contact, One Contractor.
  2. Quit wasting your time chasing after contractors year after year.

These are some important questions to ask yourself.

  • Are your loading docks free from debris and vegetation?
  • Are your sidewalks cleaned of cigarette butts?
  • Is your parking lot free from debris?
  • Are your lawn areas and out parcels free from debris?
  • Are your sidewalks clear of dirt and grime?
  • Are your flower beds consistently kept free of weeds and grass?

If you can answer these questions with yes, then keep your current contractor. If not, please call us today. Our staff is ready to talk to you about your needs.