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Contractors, AGMG Partnerships

Why become an AGMG partner?

  • Utilize your own equipment and labor force currently in place to generate more income.
  • Diversify without the added expense of specialized equipment.
  • Gain access to those contracts that were inaccessible before.
  • Affiliates can gain increased security by being able to secure multi-year contracts.
  • Reduce your G/A overhead as AGMG does all sales, marketing, and paperwork for you.
  • Benefit from the opportunity to meet many partners through networking.
  • Increase profits by adding systems and efficient methods that have been utilized for years.

Solution - One Contractor, One Contact

We have established relationships with some of the largest corporations and larger property management companies out there. These companies and managers want to streamline everything and we offer them a solution, less hassle and a secure relationship.

AGMG and its partners can offer this service to companies for a mutual benefit and longer lasting relationships.

Through these partnerships we can offer a total package to corporations, landscape maintenance, lot sweeping, and snow plowing. This allows for you, our partner, to do what you do best and not have to diversify into all three areas if you do not wish to.

By being able to offer these demanding services, we become more valuable to our clients and are therefore more likely to retain contracts with them in the future.